A Real Boy :)

Timothy is becoming such a boy!

He points at cars, saying “caaaah!”

He is mesmerized whenever a fire truck goes past us.

We take streetcar each day on our way from daycare – and he LOVES the streetcar. And many of them love him back – the drivers wave at him after we get off and stand on the sidewalk, waving bye-bye to the streetcar – some of them even ring the bell.

Two weeks ago, it was a real show. We waved bye-bye to our streetcar, then another was passing by in the opposite direction, so we watched it pass by. Then – simultaneously – a bus arrived going one way, and a truck – going in the opposite direction. The truck driver noticed Timothy and started honking and waving, but Timothy’s attention was glued to the bus. While Timothy did glance a couple of times and the truck driver, it was more of a “what’s up with the noise?” kind of look. The driver chuckled at me in the end and took off when the traffic light turned green.

Yesterday Timothy noticed an airplane for the first time – and now he points at them, too.

He’s such a boy 🙂


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