Isn’t it amazing how smart they are?

Not only did Timothy notice and point a teeny-tiny car in a book illustration (about the size of his finger tip) – but when we were at the playground the other day, he pointed at the moon in the sky (it was seen in broad daylight yesterday) and announced “nah!” – which stands for “luna” – moon in Russian. He has never seen a moon in his life – only in a couple of books. And he was able to recognize the actual object learned from books!!!

Most of his Russian “words” are last syllables – “gah” for “nogah” (leg), “kah” for “rukah” (arm), “boh” for “zabor” (fence), etc. English words are short, so he just says “cah” (car), “boh” (ball), etc.


This pic was taken at my friend’s place. Since then we stopped pacifier use outside his crib – it went well, with no objections!

6 thoughts on “Luna!

  1. queeniescards

    These little ones really do surprise us with what they actually understand! Madeline did the same thing this past week! She pointed to this itty bitty cartoon lamb in her Elmo book that I didn’t even notice and pointed back to her plush lamb. I was flabbergasted, lol.

  2. St. Elsewhere

    Go Timothy!

    Language Acquisition, and then repeat association is such a wonderful thing to observe!

  3. Mrs. E

    Such a cutie! And obviously very smart 🙂 I’m loving this stage of development…I feel like I’m wowed every day! Are you raising Timothy in a bilingual house? If so, that’s awesome. He will certainly thank you later!


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