Horrible Mood

I’m in a horrible, horrible mood today.

My head is aching again. It started to ache yesterday and I was waking up through the night with the headache still killing me just behind my eyes, and it is still aching today. It feels like there’s a ball of pain rolling and rattling behind my eyes. It’s especially bad when I roll from one side to the other in bed.

Hubby has to work today, so I am stuck alone with Timothy who keeps driving me up the wall with his relentless throwing.

After an incident a week ago where he threw a stone right into another toddler’s forehead, we announce war on throwing. So since 7 am today, I keep removing whatever Timothy send flying to the upper shelves where he cannot reach stuff. I even gave him a couple of time-outs in his high chair, although I am sort of against timeouts.

I literally am going insane. His throwing is driving me SO mad. He threw crayons down the stairs. When I took the rest of crayons from him, he started sending his nesting cups down the staircase. When I took those away, he threw a book there. At that point I gave him timeout.

He stopped throwing things down the staircase after that, but he keeps throwing. Stuff. He threw the cucumbers out of his snack plate all over the floor. He collected them when I asked him. He took puzzle pieces out of a box and immediately sent them all flying around the room. I took those away, too. He threw more food, more toys, more puzzles. I am running out of space to put things out of reach.

I am running out of patience. The persistent headache doesn’t help. I really feel furious – because I feel so helpless. Nothing seems to work, he just keeps throwing things.

He threw a car that landed in my lip yesterday. He narrowly misses my head all the time. And while I am fairly agile – other toddlers aren’t. And what about the time when the baby arrives? I soooo worry about Timothy throwing something into baby’s head, eyes, etc.

I don’t know what to do.

I am sure once the headache passes, once I calm down, once the playground dries up after yesyerday’s rain and we can go out, after hubby arrives to bring some relief – things will get better.

But right now I am at my wits’ end.


4 thoughts on “Horrible Mood

  1. Katy

    ^-( Poor girl! I hope you get better soon…
    I am not an expert in todlers behavior (yet), i think you just need “sleep on it”, may be twice 🙂 I am sure, as you’ve said yourself, once you get better, life become brighter and you find the strenth to deal with Timothy’s new “passion”.

  2. St. Elsewhere

    Oh poor you…I really feel that your post came when you were really down.

    I think every toddler “throws stuff” at some point of time.

    My kid is not really a thower, but I have noticed that when she is angry or upset she does do it (Last night, she was throwing her sandals because I told her that it was too dark to go outside and we could not). But then, it is also true that I was sitting on the floor with her and she flung a cellphone which hit my head straight. I was not prepared, but it surprised me even more that she immediately came and kissed me. She was just playing like that.

    Two things: a) I hid her sandals.
    b) I held her hands, and told her that it hurt me.

    Ensure that Timothy knows that it hurts when he hits you. Tell it to him repeatedly. Remove things that he uses for it.

    And food? Well, you cannot save your mopping efforts any soon. I am constantly wiping her, or the table or the floor after a meal is done.

    You are pregnant. Please take care. Have you tried ignoring him? I hope he unlearns this soon.

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      See, that’s the things. Timothy’s throwing has nothing to do with anger. He just likes it. It might have been easier to teach him an alternate way to vent… as it is – he’s just playing.

      I keep taking stuff away from him, each time he throws something. He seems to start getting the idea… But it’s still a long way to go…


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