Night Terrors?

It looks like our Timothy is going thru night terrors. For the past week, he’s been waking up every hour or so for the first half of the night, crying.

When I watch him on the monitor, I can see him stretching his hands in front of him, looks like he doesn’t actually see anything. And then when I walk in, he usually fights me off: doesn’t want to be held or cuddled. Just keep crying and crying, and THEN he asks me to hold him.

Google says it’s night terrors. Unlike nightmares, this is a weird feeling of overwhelming fear that seizes the baby when he goes from one sleeping phase to another. They’re crying but not fully awake – hence the fighting you off. They don’t actually realize you’re in the room. Or that you’re their mom.

It says night terrors are often caused by lack of sleep. True, Timothy has been waking up earlier than usual for the past week – and today for the first time (like, ever?) he fought nap time. He kept crying and crying and crying and crying… for like half an hour!!!

He’s finally asleep now, but I hoped he’d have a longer nap today… now that he fell asleep a full hour later than usual, don’t think that’s gonna happen.

I’ll just try to get him to bed earlier than usual today, I guess.

I feel so sorry for him, the night time crying is so heartbreaking… 😦

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