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Potty Training in 3 Days

Timothy has been going to the senior toddler room in his daycare for 4 months now (he’s 2 years and almost 4 months now). One of the focal areas there is potty training: a kid cannot move up to preschool until they are well on the way with potty training. In all of these 4 months Timothy peed on a potty ONE time. I guess that was an accident. He wasn’t even proud.

At home, with the arrival of the new baby, we didn’t do much. We put him on the toilet every night before bedtime, with no luck.

At 2 years and 4 months old he is now second oldest in his classroom. So unless he gets potty-trained soon, he’ll be the oldest and will start getting bored in the senior toddler room, not being able to learn anything new from other kids. It’s also 30% less expensive in preschool. An incentive for us to get him potty trained sooner 🙂

So after reading various articles here and there, we decided to try the three-day potty training approach. Basically, you get your kid out of diapers and let him roam with a bare bum for three days. Each time he starts peeing – grab him and put him on a potty. If anything ends up in the potty – dance and cheer and give a sticker.

I read how hard it is, the pee and poop all over the room (they recommend spending the 3 days in one area of the house where pee and poop are more manageable – no carpets etc.) And how it could be too early or too late. And how depressing spending 3 days in 1 room is. But we decided we need to do something abrupt. Timothy is smart, so we hoped he’ll get the concept.

So this morning Timothy woke up, I took the diaper off and told him that from this point on, diapers are only for sleep time. He was a bit unhappy at first, opened the drawer, got a diaper and tried giving it to me. Then he demanded pants. Then shorts. But then he agreed with the new rule (diapers, like soother, are only for sleep time) and went downstairs.

First time he started peeing I grabbed and put him on the potty, but it was too late. He cleaned his puddle and we proceeded.

Second time he started peeing on the floor, again – we didn’t get to the potty in time.

Third time he started peeing, stopped, looked, I screamed: go! Pee on the potty! (as I was breastfeeding Zachary)  And he ran and sat down and… peed! I made a big deal out of it, dancing and cheering and gave him a sticker.

Then a couple of times he started peeing and ran for the potty and nothing happened.

And there were a couple of false alerts.

But then again – he felt he’s about to pee, ran and peed on the potty! Without even peeing on the floor.

And then again – success!

Boy, was he proud! Shining with pride, cheering with us, dancing, making a big deal out of choosing a sticker (he chose to stick them onto his sippy cup).


Now he’s napping (in a diaper). And so far it’s been not too bad. Better than I expected. We’ll see. It’s been only half a day (out of the designated three days). But it seems that Timothy gets they idea. Wish us luck!