Potty Training in Three Days – Day 2, afternoon

Timothy woke up, ate, peed in the potty (no pre-peeing on the floor) and we went outside to the playground. We put loose shorts on him with no diaper or underwear. Everything was great until he walked into the splash pad puddle. It was rather cold so a couple of minutes he peed in his pants. Not even sure if I can count this as an accident. Cold water is hard to resist and this is only day 2!

Anyway, there were no accidents for the rest of the day. Each time he needed to pee, he just ran for the potty.

In total, he earned about 8 stickers today. One total miss (in the splash pad), one time he sprayed a bit before he remembered to go on a potty – but he woke up from his nap to pee!

So all in all it’s going well.

What worries me is that by 6 pm he all of a sudden got all tired and cranky and complaining he’s cold. We thought he was just tired from all the potty-training excitement, but when he woke up an hour after his bedtime, he had a fever 😦

We’ll see how the night goes and how he feels tomorrow morning. I am pretty determined to keep on going with the potty training tomorrow (I am keeping him home anyway as it needs to be a THREE-day potty training), but we’ll see… I hope it’s a teething fever spike (he did mention his tooth hurts).

That’s it for now…

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