Potty Training in Three Days – Day 3, Afternoon

Okay, so we did! Not a single accident today! Yaaay!

As Timothy lay in bed before bedtime, he said something about “potty training”. Whaaaa?.. I wasn’t aware he even knows what potty training is! Anyway, we discussed how tomorrow he’s gonna tell everyone at daycare that he now pees in the potty. And he went over all the names of people he’s gonna tell. So cute 🙂

So day three was great. Each time he needed to pee – he just ran, sat on the potty, and peed. Just like that. We went for a 40-minute walk – he didn’t pee (he peed right before we left – for I told him we can’t go until he pees).

But he hasn’t pooped in 2 days. He passed some extremely awful gas today a few times. Each time I asked whether he needed to poop – he said yes, sat on a potty, peed and promptly jumped off with a triumphant YAAAAY. He doesn’t understand (doesn’t know) that poop takes a bit longer.

Unless he poops tomorrow morning in his diaper, I expect a very smelly “package” from daycare by the end of day tomorrow.

I am curious to know how it’ll go in daycare tomorrow. He can’t take his pants off on his own yet – and he will be wearing underwear for the first time in his life. We’ll see…


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