Potty Training in Three Days – Day 5

Today Timothy woke up with almost dry diaper. He peed in it just a tiny little bit, I’d say right before we came to get him based on how wet it felt on the outside, but light as a feather.

But then while he was proudly running around naked, he started peeing on the floor (although I kept trying to make him go on the toilet after a full night’s sleep). He was a bit upset, but he didn’t pee too much on the floor and the rest went into the toilet.

And then he peed some more into the potty in the living room.

I can’t tell how exactly things were at daycare today – when I picked him up there was only the caregiver with a very heavy accent, I have problems understanding her. From what I gathered, he was in diapers for both outings, and for the nap – and they put a diaper on him after nap so that he would poop.

I was very upset. Why did they keep diapering him?! She asked (surprised) if I want to keep him out of diapers. Well, doh! That’s why we did this 3-day thing! By putting him in diapers they’re sending confusing messages and are slowly undoing what we did 😦 When we got home, his diaper was wet 😦 And once I removed it, the very first time he started peeing into his underwear. So  I took the underwear off, just like the methodology suggests doing for 3 months, and then he was peeing into the potty.

Hubby and I are considering putting him diaperless for the nights and naps, too – since his diaper was almost dry this morning. Leap of faith here. We didn’t do it today, though, for now hubby is sick with a very high fever, so he really is not fit to deal with night time wakings should Timothy wet the bed and wake him up.

I also made a mistake today (I think it was a mistake): I bought a toy firetruck for Timothy and showed it to him and told him he’ll get it once he poops on the potty. Rest of the evening was spent listening to his whining for firetruck and demanding it each time he peed. He was upset 😦 I don’t think I should have showed it to him.

Anyway… we`ll how it goes. I hope too much diapering today didn`t  harm too much…


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