Potty training in Three Days – Day 6

This morning his diaper was wet. Not too wet, but wet.

He didn’t pee after getting up (so I assume he peed in the diaper when he woke up, not during the night) but as he was running around naked, he stopped and, sounding distressed, announced that he peed. But no, he didn’t pee. He pooped on the floor. The good thing is we have hardwood floor, and – even better – the turd fell in such a way that it was on one board, so there was no risk of poop getting stuck in between the floor boards (yuck).

Mess cleaned up, he peed in the potty and on he went.

They didn’t put diaper on him at all at daycare today. Even for naptime.

He had another poop accident before nap – he pooped in his underwear. But he didn’t pee, the underwear was dry. He didn’t pee while he napped. Then he peed a lot in the potty – at 1:30 PM. He didn’t pee for like 5 hours! Crazy, for his age.

Then a few minutes later he had an accident (I already noticed at home that he often is too quick to jump up in triumph that he peed, not emptying the bladder properly and needs to pee soon, again).

And then he didn’t pee for the rest of the day at daycare.

Then he peed in his pants at home as he was watching cartoons (that’s IT, from now on we insist he always goes bare-bum at home, as the methodology suggests.

And then as he was running around naked, he stopped in his tracks with his legs together: uh-oh! I grabbed him and put him on the potty and in went another turd. I am not sure if he pooped on the potty, or if he pooped earlier and the turd simply didn’t fall down on the floor, but we praised and praised and praised. First poop in the toilet!

So… we’ll see. I am not sure if he regressed because they confused him in daycare with all the diapers, or if this is just normal (accident are bound to happen anyway… many kids have an occasional accident even when they’re 5-6 years old), so we’ll see.

But there’s no going back. Now diapers are only for night time sleep. And even then I plan to ditch soon.



2 thoughts on “Potty training in Three Days – Day 6

  1. Tanya

    It sounds normal. Now that he’s got the hang of it, he’s starting to test limits. How long can I wait before running to the potty? Keep it up. You’ve made HUGE progress. Another week of consistency and hard dedication (though it sounds like the hardest part is over) and he’ll have it down! πŸ™‚

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      I hope you’re right!
      We shall see how today unfolds in daycare – and then he will be at home with us for the weekend, so once again we’ll have more focus on his potty needs…
      All in all it is going way better than I expected πŸ™‚


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