Potty Training in Three Days – Week 2

When Timothy is at home, with no pants – he has no accidents. He runs around playing, and then whenever he needs to pee – he just sits on the potty, pees, and keeps running around.

Timothy has no problem napping with no diaper. He pees afterwards.

When we’re out and about, things get tricky. He says he needs to pee – and holds it until we get to the bathroom. But he holds it so efficiently that by the time we’re in a washroom, he doesn’t wanna pee anymore. We leave and then 5 minutes later he pees down his leg, crying because he wanted but couldn’t hold it this time.

He is still figuring out the poop thing. He did poop once in a potty, and he did start pooping on the floor and finished on a potty. But most of the time he says his bum hurts, sits on the potty, pees, and leaves. He doesn’t understand that for #2 you have to sit on a potty for a bit longer…

But all in all, things are progressing nicely, I’d say 🙂

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