Potty Training in Three Days: Week 3

On the weekend Timothy pooped on a potty, on his own. He just walk to the potty, sat on it, and pooped, like he’s been doing it all his life. Without our questions, suggestions, and requests. Oh, the cheer of it!

And then we went out for the full day. We left at 9 am and came back at 6 pm, and Timothy didn’t have a single accident! We took a bus and subway to go to a museum downtown (we expected Timothy to be excited, he loves vehicles, but he… wasn’t). He remained dry to whole way there (about an hour) and upon arrival he didn’t pee, either. But then he peed when we were leaving the museum (we brought him to the washroom again).

We went for a walk and then went to have lunch, they went to wash hands but he didn’t pee. He did pee after lunch, though.

Then we walked around and Timothy fell asleep in the stroller, slept, woke up – and remained dry until we stopped for another pee in a mall.

And then he remained dry the whole way home – this time we took a streetcar.

We were so proud of him!

But then he went to daycare yesterday and pooped in his underwear, again. And peed – either while asleep, or right after waking up, they aren’t sure.

So with us at home he’s down to zero accidents. At daycare it’s a bit harder – I guess because it’s a bit harder. The potty is not right in the middle of the room (they have a bathroom adjacent to their room) and he can’t undress himself, so he always needs to ask for help (while at home he just sits and pees).

We’re planning to ditch diapers for night time sleep soon. We just need to get around to removing the front part of his crib so that he can get up and pee if he needs to. And we need to teach him to take his pants off…

I am proud. But I am sad, too. It’s like the last touch of babyhood is gone. The changing chest of drawers is unused and empty now, the drawer full of diapers is full of diapers (with only one a night being used), the half used tube of diaper cream not in use any longer… he’s growing up. Fast.


4 thoughts on “Potty Training in Three Days: Week 3

  1. Zoe Rose @ papillonroses

    We’re doing this now! So glad you posted about it as thus week was the only 3 day stretch we could have done it in? Phoebe does mostly great at home, 5 days in she is usually taking herself when she starts or needs to go, a few accidents in the highchair but she actually pooed tonight in the potty, yay!! I’m nervous to see how she does next week when we are out and about more, and without daddy around as she doesn’t say anything, she just goes!

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      oh yay – this is awesome!
      this does really work, if the time is right
      Timothy is pretty much accident free when it comes to peeing, but every other poo goes in the underwear or on the floor
      from what I can see, he hasn’t figured out how to hold it: if a potty is right there, he’ll sit and poop. But if it’s not…

        1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

          i guess that’s why they reco to go bare-bottom for 3v months – pants feel like diapers.

          Hang in there – it’s getting better! The last five days we had no accidents. He started pooping in the potty or toilet!


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