Potty Training in 3 days: Week 4

It’s been 3.5 weeks since we did the 3-day potty training thing. I think there were no pee accidents in the past week.

he still poops quite a bit in his undies and on the floor, but for the past three days half of his poops went in the potty/toilet! Half cause he usually poops twice a day. So for the past three days one went where it should and one ended up on the floor/in the undies. The positive thing is that he goes and sits on the potty on his own when he feels he needs to go, without our suggestions.

What seems to be the problem is that a) it’s quite abrupt when he needs to poop, he doesn’t see it coming, and b) even bigger issue is he seems not to know how to hold it. He has no problem holding pee for hours, but when he needs to poop – he poops. If he’s next to a potty – then he’ll poop there. If he’s not next to one – then it’ll go in his undies or on the floor… Sigh.

I don’t know how to force him to learn how to pull his pants up and down and how to put and take off his shoes. And he can’t move up to preschool before he learns that. He resists. He wants me to do it. He’s seeking my attention this way, I know. But he needs to learn. He officially is the oldest kid in his class, with amazingly advanced speech, getting bored with the toddlers who barely talk 😦

On the bright side, we ditched the pacifier, finally. He only slept with it, and it was handy for traveling and being sick, but yesterday he threw it in the toilet. And we had to say bye-bye. there were tears, but all in all it went well. He had no issues falling asleep.


3 thoughts on “Potty Training in 3 days: Week 4

  1. Nadia Zag

    Когда мы учим Мишу одеваться-раздеваться – это продолжение игры в части тела. Например: “где у Миши ручки?” он вытягивает или поднимает их, а мы натфгиваем рукава на них. Потом добавили “а где спрятались Мишины пальчики?” и он сам протягивает руки в рукава, что бы увидеть свои пальчики. Теперь можно просто сказать “протягивай руки в рукава”.

    Со штанишками мы пока не пробовали, но я бы начала с пупка. Мише эта часть тела очень нравится и можно играть с ней в “прятки”. Так же вовлечь коленки, например.

    С обувью, когда Миша просится на бэкярд или на улицу гулять, то мы всегда говорим “туда нельзя босиком, надо одеть башмачки”. И больше ничего не делаешь. Иногда он пойдет заниматься другим делом, но чаще он действительно хочет и прилагает к этому усилия. Сначала он просто бежал и приносил обувь – себе и нам. Потом, если мы замешкаемся и не торопимся обуваться, сам пытается надеть обувь на нас и себя. Ключ к успеху – он должен хотеть выйти и без как-то действия он не может получить желаемое.

    С разуванием у нас пока сложнее, Миша сразу бежит в игровую, не разуваясь, хотя умеет это делать. Но мы пока ловим его и повторям “пришел домой – сними обувь”. Мотиватора для этого пока не нашли

    Надеюсь это хоть как-то поможет

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      i guess Timothy is too old and doesn’t fall for games like that. He knows right away it’s not a game :/ It seems that he doesn’t like doing it cause a) he doesn’t know how and gets upset that he can’t and b) he wants to be our baby. Like Zachary. So we’re teaching him hands on how to do this and praise extensively 🙂

  2. Mrs FF

    Ha ha ha ha at saying bye to the paci! Guess I’m glad K never liked the paci (or maybe mommy just didn’t really want her to use it)

    Potty training seems to be going well. Well done mama and Timothy


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