Hi – I’m a new mom and I live in Toronto, Canada. In fact, I live in the New Toronto neighbourhood – hence “New Toronto Mom”. How fitting 🙂

I have a son, Timothy, born in February 2012 – this blog is about him. This blog is also about:

I read a LOT about babies; I try new things, I plan for the future, I want to discuss my ideas and share my learnings. I hope you can teach me a trick or two, as well!

I am on the move – Timothy and I travel: take public transportation, travel abroad, take various classes and attend playdates and activities – and I want to share these experiences with you. And hear about yours!

I also share nursery design and recipes and… well, the blog keeps evolving!

Are you ready to share our journey? Please follow me – there’s a ‘follow blog via email’ button on the right. And I love comments!!!

Other than that… well, this is a young blog; let’s see how it grows!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Valerie

    I am going to be spotlighting some of my favorite posts from this week and want to include one of yours. 🙂 Would you mind sharing with me your first name so I can give a little intro to your post? Thanks

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      I am Russian, yes 🙂 Although Tanya is a common enough name in North America, too!
      I clicked on your gravatar before, but your profile didn’t have a blog link… thanks for sharing it!


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