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for 2013, I will be taking a picture a day, posting them in groups every few days


Wow. With all the sickness, I’ve really fallen behind with my 365! I was taking pictures, but not sharing them. And, as it turns out, there was one day when I didn’t take a picture… I was way too sick. Anyway, here it goes:

056 – Feb. 25

Timothy is not feeling well, his right eye started producing unpleasant yellow gunk, we kept him at home.


057 – Feb. 26

A quick visit to the pediatrician revealed and ear infection that spread and infected Timothy’s eyes. Timothy’s staying home for now. He upped his stacking technique: now anything can be stacked, it’s not limited to his buckets!


058 – Feb. 27

Now I got really, really sick. Spent the whole night coughing. Timothy is still unwell, so I couldn’t catch on sleep during the day. Here’s a pic of Timothy in a walk-in clinic where I went to see if perhaps I needed some antibiotics, too (nope).


059 – Feb. 28

No pic. Timothy went back to daycare, and I was completely wiped out after two consecutive nights of 3 hours of sleep and 6 hours of cough 😦

060 – Mar. 1

Daddy amuses Timothy with spinning buckets. These buckets are magic. There’s so many things to be done with them!


061 – Mar. 2

Timothy now likes to stuff his face. It’s not enough to pick one cheerio at a time – he grabs a fistful – with each fist – and then stuffs the whole content of his right fist in his mouth. And forgets that he has something in his left fist. Sometimes he would finish eating, and still hold that first fistful in his left hand 🙂


062 – Mar. 3

Timothy started walking! Very short distances here and there, but so, so proud of himself!


063 – Mar. 4

The following days I didn’t take any pictures of Timothy, but I took pictures of my imaginary creatures that I drew.

064 – Mar. 5

065 – Mar. 6

066 – Mar. 7

Timothy is 13 months! His walking gets better every day! His daycare caregiver asked me to send more food for Timothy – he is hungry! Timothy is almost over his cold, but he still wakes up at night, crying. I suspect separation anxiety. He’s hard to quieten – he screams, not even cries! It takes 5-10 minutes for him to quiet down, slacken in my arms, lean on me and then cuddle and doze off.

He’s also often quite cranky at the end of the day. We figured he’s too hungry – so I now give him a snack when picking him up from daycare; and the first 30-40 minutes when we get home is quality one-on-one playtime, and only then I go make dinner. I got these advices from my mom group – and it seems to be working, Timothy stopped being cranky 🙂





049 – Feb. 18


Family day in Canada – not exactly a statutory holiday. Hubby was among the few that work; daycare closed, Timothy still sick. Another day of sucking snot and administering advil for night sleep.

050 – Feb. 19


I nursed Timothy at 6 am and decided to put him back in bed – and he fell asleep! And I fell asleep. Hubby woke me up at 8:30, asking me what to do: Timothy was still sleeping! We decided to keep him home for one more day and let him get over his cold. And sleep in. He slept until 9:30 am! And was a happy boy, playing with his nesting cups 🙂 One of his latest “things” is making sounds into a bucket and listen to the echo 🙂

051 – Feb. 20

Wednesdays is my Illustration Class night. Wednesdays is when I really miss Timothy: I only get to see him in the morning; in the afternoon I leave before Timothy and hubby come home. Sigh.

052 – Feb. 21

More and more I am immersing myself into the world of illustration, painting, and drawing. I am reading a lot of books – simultaneously. Which is quite unusual for me. Even more unusual is that none of the current books are fiction. And one of the books talks about composition and proportions and how the ancient greeks viewed these matters – which brought back memories of my visit to Greece years and years ago. I had been so excited to see the ruins of the ancient civilization, and get closer to the world where the fabulous mythology was born!

053 – Feb. 22


Yet again, nesting cups. Timothy is on the fast track to become the world’s youngest – and best – bartender. Note how he stacks his cups now! 🙂

054 – Feb. 23


…and he crawls with buckets in hands everywhere. Even when he climbs up the stairs – he doesn’t part with the buckets!

055 – Feb. 24


The picaboo game is his favourite now. He plays picaboo when eating (smearing his hands and then everything around him in food), when being changed, when bathing, when playing, even when there’s no one around! Although sometimes his picaboos leave a lot of room for improvement. Hey Timothy, no peeking!


044 – Feb. 13


Still sick. You were somewhat okay, but I was really sick. I really spent a whole week pretty much sleeping. Yuck.

On this day the only picture I took was of your room’s plan of activities for the week. I enjoy reading about the stuff you guys are doing in daycare. So creative! I am actually happy you go there. I don’t think I would have ever came up with all these interesting things! You seem to be enjoying it.

045 – Feb. 14


Not much of a Valentine’s day for your sick mommy and overworked daddy, but you wore red jeans and white onesie, and had a Valentine’s day party in daycare. You brought a handmade Valentine’s day card for us and you received two cards from boys in your class. When I was a girl, boys received valentines from girls…

046 – Feb. 15


While you had been getting better, you seemed to have taken a turn for the worse today, yet again. Low grade fever reappeared – and your nose was just as runny as ever. Since we already had a pediatrician appointment – for your 1-year shot – we decided to keep the appointment and have you checked. Verdict: it’s a cold. Fluids, advil, cuddles… We kept you at home. The shot will have to wait.

047 – Feb. 16


We warned all the guests that you were still fighting a cold – and got a low grade fever – which didn’t seem to scare anyone. Well, they all go to daycare and get exposed to kids with runny noses anyways, I guess. So we had lots of fun. You were taking a good nap when the guests arrived and while you were a bit uncertain about this “invasion” when you woke up, you were quite happy with all the commotion. You love being around other kids. And receiving attention from all the grown-ups, too 🙂

048 – Feb. 17


Yet another slow day. Daddy took you to your baby sign language class today despite the severe cold alert (it’s literally 2 steps from parking), but I remained at home. I am starting to get really annoyed with all the staying in. I think I am getting over my cold. You are still suffering, though. I suspect you’re teething – and the pain of it is bothering you; I doubt runny nose could cause such despair as you exhibit every 8 hours when advil wears off…


040 – Feb. 9


After the huge snowstorm we both got sick; we were sitting at home, watching the knee-deep snow outside. I was so planning on getting out and letting you play in the snow… As it was, I scooped a bit of snow into a plastic container and made a small snowman for you on our kitchen floor. You obviously thought it to be yet another stacking toy that needed instant demolition 🙂

PS Oh, and you really didn’t like the cold, cold snow. You cried 🙂

041 – Feb. 10

Unfortunately, as it turns out, I didn’t take any pictures at all that day… First time I missed a day. That day we planned to celebrate your Birthday, go out and have lots of fun as a family – as it was, we stayed in. You missed your baby sign language class with your dad, and I just snoozed as much as I could…

042 – Feb. 11


I finally transferred you from your small inflatable bath into the real tub. At first you weren’t sure what’s this all about. You were sitting quietly, not moving, looking around. But then you were crawling, trying to stand up, and playing with your new nesting buckets – a birthday gift from my friend 🙂 You had a blast!

043 – Feb. 12


Your birthday gift from daddy and mommy arrived today, a bit late, but hey… you didn’t mind. HUGE panda! We think you like it. You know where panda is (you point when we ask you) and you learned quickly how to stroke the panda – you do so upon request. And you even give it hugs occasionally 😉


Still catching up with my 365…

037 – Feb. 6


This was a tough day for me. Daddy took you away to daycare in the morning, and I didn’t see you until the following morning. I had my illustration class, so daddy was the one to pick you up, too. I missed you so much. Daddy said you did well – ate, pooped, played, went to bed easily… And even though you woke up a bit too early the following morning – I happily ran to bring you over, I missed you so much!

038 – Feb. 7


Big day! Your first birthday. Next to your daycare room was a sign saying “happy birthday Tomothy” – daddy corrected the spelling 🙂 Mommy went to celebrate by spending a few hours in a spa and then on the way back got stuck in the grand Toronto blizzard. It was almost 6 pm by the time mommy finally got there and it broke my heart to see you there, among few other kids still not picked up. And on your birthday! We brought you home, aunt Vika gave you your gifts – one of which contained a set of buckets for the bath (you loved it) and one was a book with sounds – you loved it, too! Daddy brought a cake and a candle and we took a few pics and blew a candle for you. Happy birthday honey!

039 – Feb. 8


The great blizzard continued all day. We cancelled your pediatrician appointment to get your 1-year shots. Your dad had a hard time bringing you to and from daycare, he felt like rowing a boat rather than driving a car, that’s how much snow there was. And it seemed no one bothered clearing it up other than on highways. When you came back, we opened the sliding door and took turns touching the snow. You seemed very excited.


Hmmm… Although I am taking pictures – I’m getting behind on posting them! Here are a few…

033 – Feb. 2


On most mornings you wake up at 6:30-7:30 am. I stumble into your bedroom, bring you back, and nurse you – while daddy and I try to catch a few more minutes of semi-sleep. And then you start crawling and jumping and tugging the pillow of daddy’s head, and standing up against headboard, and eventually falling on my head, and pointing at everything, requesting to be told what it’s called. It’s still relatively dark at this time of the day, so window is the most obvious thing to point at. You love watching out the window. I think you got it from me 🙂

034 – Feb. 3


For the first time I gave you cheerios in the spill-free cup. I showed you a few times how you can squeeze your hand through the rubbery flaps and get a cheerio. You spent the following 15 minutes trying to figure it out. You put your fingers without the thumb in – and couldn’t grab. You put your whole fist in and couldn’t get the cup off. You even absentmindedly brought your fist with a cheerio in it to your mouth – only to realize that the cup is on your fist. You threw the cup on the floor. You did this, you did that. Occasionally you succeeded, but so far you haven’t figured out that you can pull the cup off your hand with your other hand 🙂

035 – Feb. 4


This is how you go for walks now. The one time I saw you (came to pick you up as you were returning from a stroll) – you set in the last seat, staring somewhere. I knocked on the plastic cover and you were so happy to see me. And despite what the caretakers told me – you didn’t cry. I walk along and we looked at each other and smiled 🙂

036 – Feb. 5


You’re an easy boy. You don’t open cupboards and drawers. You don’t take books off the shelf – other than your books off of your dedicated shelf. And you don’t really go through the box of toys. Sometimes I think you’re just lazy like that. You’ll play with something on the floor, easy to access, rather than rummage for stuff. Except for your beloved buckets, of course. You’ll go great lengths to uncover your buckets 🙂


Five more pics for the past 5 days of my 365 project.

028 – Jan. 28


Timothy met his new friend Michael, age 1 month. I wonder if Timothy recognized his old bouncer – he used to spend hours in it in the early months 🙂

029 – Jan. 29


Timothy and I next to the daycare centre, there for his first transition day (well… it wasn’t so much a day – only 30 minutes, and I was around at all times).

030 – Jan. 30


I am not going to write here about my tears as I left Timothy in daycare for transition day numero two (there was a post dedicated to it, after all)… So… Did I mention I am taking illustration classes? Here’s me trying out nib pens, brushes and ink washes. Freestyle doodling, I’d call it 🙂

031 – Jan. 31


Daycare transition day 3 – was pretty good. I didn’t cry, and Timothy did reasonably well.

032 – Feb. 1


Daddy and Timothy having a jam session in the morning – about to head out for the first real daycare dropoff.

Hubby called and said it went smoothly, Timothy was screeching, so excited he was to see those other kids again. I will pick him up around 2:30 pm…