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Timothy’s Room – Decor

Another post about the nursery.

Once we got the green theme going, the rest became rather obvious.

We got a green frog humidifier:

A green frog night light:

A yellow sun for the upper light:

A green laundry bin with a monkey (light-green):

And a green changer (I love, love, LOVE this item! So much better than the conventional changers – especially due to the fact that Timothy can’t push his head against the wall! And so easy to clean)

And, well, somehow even a lot of toys are green – despite the fact that we didn’t buy these!

Music snail (so in theme with the glider!)

I love how the room turned out.


Timothy’s Room – Glider

Continuing with my posts about the nursery.

I probably should have started talking about the nursery from this post – chronologically, this was the first piece that sort of set the tone for everything else.

We got a glider from our friends for free. It was awesomely comfy, but rather old and ugly from being in use for 10 years.

So I got this idea to re-upholster it. On my own. While already sporting a 7-month pregnant belly.

Again, the biggest problem was finding a cute fabric. This was before I discovered (about which I shared in my previous post), so I ended up buying two sets of receiving blankets and using them for the grand remake!

I am very happy with the results, even if I realized a bit too late that flannel isn’t exactly the perfect choice for upholstering (not durable).

And this glider – the greens of it, the frogs – is what set the whole room’s theme! With green furniture and animal curtains 🙂

Timothy’s Room – Curtains and Pictures

Continuing from the previous post about Timothy’s room.

We went back and forth for quite a while, trying to decide whether we want to repaint the walls (which were warm yellow-peachy colour), or if we want decals, or if we want to paint stuff on the walls ourselves, or what, exactly, we want to do.

In the end we decided that we will do murals when Timothy grows up a bit and tells us what he likes. Until then, we decided to go with decorations.

I really wanted to find some cute curtains. I looked through many online stores – there were tons of pink and princesses – but nothing nice for a boy other some boring blue curtains with ships from Pottery Bran. Oh, and tons of valances. Why valances and not curtains???

I wanted animals, bright colours, something interesting and fairly gender-neutral. I thought maybe I can sew the curtains if I find a fabric I like? I went through quite a few fabric stores – NOTHING. Boring, boring, boring – and then some uglies.

Finally, I went online and found Wow. Just WOW. They had SO MUCH STUFF. Inexpensive stuff. Even though delivery to Canada costs money. And once I realized that I need not limit my search to what they designated as “curtain fabrics” – my brain exploded! The ones they sell as quilting fabrics were the best, in my opinion.

Anyway, bought a few yards of this pretty print, along with some blackout fabric to make sure my baby doesn’t get wrong ideas during summer time when the sun goes up at five in the morning! 🙂

Now, I don’t know how to sew. Or rather I have no clue as to how to use a sewing machine. So I borrowed a sewing machine from my friend and then my sister did all the cutting and sewing – and voila!

The ikea furniture and the curtains work really nicely together, framing the window.

And then that gave me the idea to paint a few canvases with the characters from the curtains, to go along with the theme developing here. And here they are!

Timothy loves looking at them. I think he especially like the lion.

More posts on nursery decor to come!

Timothy’s Room

I will write a few posts about Timothy’s room – how it all came together.

We bought the house shortly after the wedding, so the spare bedroom was always meant to become a nursery. A double bed and a few loose furniture items populated it while we were waiting for that “congratulations, you’re pregnant”.

Once we got pregnant, I found a website that allows you to draw your room and plan where various standard-sized nursery items go – and we started planning the bedroom.

We decided to keep the double bed. As I had mentioned in one of my early posts, we felt that moving in with the baby is easier than keeping the baby in our bedroom and then kicking him out (scary for the baby!) – so we had to plan around this rather bulky frame…

And the window alcove – we felt we weren’t using it as much as we could. So much space wasted!

So we ended up buying a couple of nice colourful ikea wardrobes for the niche (customized – it was all my design how many doors and drawers and in which sizes should they be). I actually assembled them single-handedly while 39 weeks pregnant. No, this didn’t send me into labour. And no, my husband knew nothing about my endeavours. He was shocked when he came home (yes, I assembled them all in one day, crazy me).

The big lower drawers are meant for Timothy’s toys and the open shelves – for his books (eventually). The upper parts are really more for our use – and for Timothy’s clothes. I think they look awesome!

That’s all for now. I will continue in the next post 🙂

Shopping, Suddenly :)

The other day I went to buy some stuff in preparation for the baby shower (after all, not everything can be hand-made :)) and ended up buying lots of stuff for Timothy, quite impulsively. See, I rarely get to shop since we are a one-car household and I do all my grocery shopping here in the main street of our heighbourhood. But there’s no real clothes/toy shopping to speak of here.

So when I got to Wal-Mart, I found myself shopping not only for the shower, but for Timothy as well. Bath time is turning into a more interactive time, and all we got so far is a rubber duck. Dull! So I got him a book:

an interactive toy that attaches to the side of the tub

more rubber toys:

I was also looking to buy a new bib. The ones we had were made of cloth (e.g. in perfect world needed a wash after every meal), were too small (Timothy ended up with food all over his shirt and pants), and either absorbed liquid or let it dribble into Timothy’s lap, wetting his pants. So I got this: you can wipe it and it has a pocket to catch any spills. Awesome!

I don’t seem to be able to get Timothy to even attempt crawling – so I decided that he needs a ball. He used to have a nice soft ball with a towel-like fabric, but he lost it. So I got him this peculiar ball. It still does an okay jump off the ground and it’s very, very easy for a baby to grab. I can’t say Timothy loved it (he still loves his stackable pails more than anything else), but I now attempt to get him into the concept of throwing the ball back at me.

And then I went to Chapters and, as always, had an urge to buy half the store – which I successfully suppressed. Well, almost successfully. I ended up buying a finger-puppet hardboard book “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”. We really love this song, especially since we learned all the animal signs in our Baby Sign Language Classes (I will talk about these in one of my future posts). Timothy LOVED the puppets! He touches them with his index finger 🙂

I also bought him a pair of pacifiers (we lost one in the Dominican), three bowls (with dinosaurs and cars), some baby snacks, a few jars of food for when we are on the go, a few boxes of oat and rice cereal, a box of diapers… Well, you get the picture. I SHOPPED 🙂