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One of those days

All was well enough. Slept in until almost 8 am, played, had a nap, then I had my yoga, a 2-hour nap, lots of good playing after…

Towards the third nap I decided to walk with the double stroller to pick Timothy up. It was warm but not sunny, so not too hot. On the way there Zachary fell asleep. Life seemed well.

And then while I waited for Timothy to pee before leaving, Zachary woke up. I thought he’d fall asleep on the way back. No. He screamed, sometimes sounding more like a firetruck or an ambulance for 15 minutes. All the way Timothy was asking to walk, but a screaming baby AND Timothy’s antics was too much to bear.

Then Zachary quieted down so I let Timothy walk. Then he bolted and I abandoned the stroller, caught him, brought him back. Now I had screaming Timothy.

Then as we neared home, Timothy wanted to sit on a bench. Which we did, peacefully. For maybe 2 minutes. Then Zachary started fussing again and it started to rain.

Then we had the big take-your-shoes-off standup, during which Timothy tried to break the gates on the staircase,

At home there was more crying from Zachary, while Timothy pooped in his pants. Then after shower he peed on the floor in the living room. Then he threw toys on the floor. Then he poured water on the floor from a cooler. Then he tore some paper with his drawings into pieces.

All the while Zachary was crying and spitting up and pooping and nursing.

Then finally he fell asleep while Timothy was pacified with Thomas cartoon.

Peace and quiet? For 5 minutes. Then Zachary woke up cause his foot got caught up in the railings. Not to fall back to sleep again.

Queue more crying. And more. And more.

On days like this I lose my temper. On days like this I feel like a failure of a mother. On days like this I wonder how on Earth others manage sitting at home with two kids 24/7. Well, some have kids with a bigger age difference – that helps. At least their older kids don’t try to get hit by a car and can grab a yogurt when hungry. But how do those with two smallish kids survive? And why I am such a mess after only a couple of hours?

I need a break. I am exhausted. And the fact that Zachary decided to wake up 5 times per night isn’t helping, either.



Wow, I’ve been quiet for 2 Months!

Hello all,

We’re well and thriving. I didn’t realize I haven’t posted updates for 2 months!I’m making up for it – with lots of pics! Cause who doesn’t like lots of toddler pics, right? 🙂

One reason is the regular email updates with pictures that I send to all the relatives. Writing those makes me feel like I’ve updated. And no, I can’t copy-paste those emails as they’re in Russian…

Another reason is we were on vacation in Newfoundland – which was GOR-GE-OUS!!! One of the most beautiful places, ever. Out there with Iceland and Hawaii.






And then we had relatives staying over for a few weeks, being busy with sightseeing and family chit-chats.








So next thing you know – I have been away from this blog for too long!

Timothy is now 18 months. A year and a half! He’s starting Jr. Toddler room at daycare next month – where he’ll be starting potty-training. Which means we’ll be starting potty training. I dug the potty out of the closet today and placed it, as suggested, in the living room. So that Timothy is starting to get used to it.

Timothy has about 30 words in his vocabulary, almost all in English. Not surprising – English words are short and simple to pronounce, unlike Russian once. He understand all I say, but repeats in English: bus, plain, car, go, close – those are some of the common words. He also says my name PERFECTLY – although he has no idea what the word means. He just repeats it after his daddy 🙂 Mars – the planet – also made its way into his vocabulary. Unlike my name, Timothy knows exactly what Mars is: he brought me a picture of it, pointed, and announced; Muhsssssss! I guess Baby Einstein videos taught him that.

He’s trying to put shoes on. He’s climbing furniture. He’s still throwing this all the time, although is getting a bit more civilized and there are certain things he now knows not to throw (but he can still drop them accidentally).

He loves book more than anything. He also likes puzzles – the kind where you need to insert a shape into a whole/slot. And he’s quite good at that, managing even the complex shapes like cars and firemen.

He’s very sweet, gives hugs and says “ahhhhhh” while at it.

He’s the best 🙂


Isn’t it amazing how smart they are?

Not only did Timothy notice and point a teeny-tiny car in a book illustration (about the size of his finger tip) – but when we were at the playground the other day, he pointed at the moon in the sky (it was seen in broad daylight yesterday) and announced “nah!” – which stands for “luna” – moon in Russian. He has never seen a moon in his life – only in a couple of books. And he was able to recognize the actual object learned from books!!!

Most of his Russian “words” are last syllables – “gah” for “nogah” (leg), “kah” for “rukah” (arm), “boh” for “zabor” (fence), etc. English words are short, so he just says “cah” (car), “boh” (ball), etc.


This pic was taken at my friend’s place. Since then we stopped pacifier use outside his crib – it went well, with no objections!

A Real Boy :)

Timothy is becoming such a boy!

He points at cars, saying “caaaah!”

He is mesmerized whenever a fire truck goes past us.

We take streetcar each day on our way from daycare – and he LOVES the streetcar. And many of them love him back – the drivers wave at him after we get off and stand on the sidewalk, waving bye-bye to the streetcar – some of them even ring the bell.

Two weeks ago, it was a real show. We waved bye-bye to our streetcar, then another was passing by in the opposite direction, so we watched it pass by. Then – simultaneously – a bus arrived going one way, and a truck – going in the opposite direction. The truck driver noticed Timothy and started honking and waving, but Timothy’s attention was glued to the bus. While Timothy did glance a couple of times and the truck driver, it was more of a “what’s up with the noise?” kind of look. The driver chuckled at me in the end and took off when the traffic light turned green.

Yesterday Timothy noticed an airplane for the first time – and now he points at them, too.

He’s such a boy 🙂


Sick Timothy…

I know. I’ve been quiet. Everything was great – I just got immersed in painting, sketching, illustrating… The time I used to devote to blogging is increasingly being allocated to this old hobby of mine – brought back to life.

Timothy is sick, again – and this time we’re not sure what’s up. Early Monday morning he woke me up – he had a 38 C fever.

By noon it became 39.

I took him to a walk-in clinic. We waited for 2 hours and the doctors didn’t see anything. Even his ears – one was clear and another a bit red, but no infection, no puss – nothing to explain the 39C fever.

We spent the rest of the day and night on advil and tylenol. I woke up with the heaviest head, extremely tired.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Timothy was very winy and tired all morning; after his afternoon nap he woke up quite happy – he ran around, played, giggled, he temperature went down. I started hoping it was just some nasty 24-hour virus.

But no.

Towards evening his temperature started rising again and got to 39.5 degrees.

I took him to the doctor this morning (our doctor this time). She also said that one ear is clear and there’s a bit of fluid in another. She mentioned starting him on antibiotics for that, but honestly – I am not sure a fever that high could be caused by a bit of fluid.

She put some bag in his diaper to collect his urine and told us to wait until he pees. We waited. And waited. And waited. For FOUR freaking hours. Twice I asked her how could it possibly be that he didn’t pee in all this time?! Her response was he must feel the bag and hold it in. I got my response when I got home: the bag got dislodged so he simply kept peeing in his diaper all this time. I was too tired to even feel angry at that point. I sat Timothy in my lap, held a jar and patiently waited for him to pee (he watched TV) – 20-30 minutes later I got what I waited for. Hubby will bring it to the clinic tomorrow morning.

Timothy’s fever reached 40C in the meantime (that’s 104F!!!) WTF?

Tylenol helped, but Timothy is very winy, tired, has almost no appetite…

I don’t know. I googled. Maybe it’s roseola? If it is roseola. then tomorrow the fever should subside and he should break in rash. If not… well, back to see a dactor, I guess.

I don’t know – am I wrong to object to shoving more antibiotics into him while there’s no proof of infection?..

Baby Sign Language – Finally!

We started baby sign language classes when Timothy was about 7 months old. We were at it for a few months and then got disheartened by the absence of signing on Timothy’s part.

And now – pretty much overnight – he started signing!

He’s been signing “more” for some time now – because they sign it in daycare. He’s been signing my made-up sign for “cherrios” (waving an “o: sign in the air).

But yesterday as we were reading a book, he signed “dog”, “cow”, “horse”, and “cat”! And today I showed him “pig” a few times – and now he signs that, too!

Signing "pig"

Signing “dog” – slapping a hand on a thigh

Signing "pig"

Signing “pig” – clutching a fist next to the nose

Signing "cow"

Signing “cow” – thumb and pinky stretched out like horns

Signing "horse"

Signing “horse” – thumb, index and middle fingers stretched out like horse’s ear

And he signs “bread”. He’s been signing it for some time, too – we just didn’t know that’s what it meant!

So we re-doubled our signing efforts now! Very exciting stuff!

Ear Infection Numero Tres

And so it’s yet another ear infection.


I got really scared when Timothy woke me up at 4 am and he was scorching hot, pj’s soaking wet. He had a 39.7 (104.4) fever. I gave him advil and couldn’t go back to sleep until I made sure his fever started to fade away.

Walk-in clinic first thing in the morning – yep, another ear infection. Third one. He got one in February, one in March – now one in April. Something to do with his anatomy – the way his ear canals are built. His cousin actually had the same problem at first, then he grew out of it. Hopefully, Timothy will too – and won’t need tubes.

Timothy has spent the past 3 days pretty much plastered on to me. He even takes some of his naps on me (and he’s been taking 3 naps a day). He is quiet. He is happy to just sit in my arms. And as much as I feel sad, sorry and worried, I have to admit a part of me enjoys the closeness, especially since I lost milk and stopped nursing him 2 weeks ago. A part of me melts with tenderness and love. A part of me soaks in the cuddles.

We watch movies together – musicals, cause they’re colourful, have lots of movement and singing… Timothy enjoys it. I read to him. He drinks a LOT.

Oh, and it turns out advil’s dosage on the packaging is waaay off. That’s why it didn’t help much with Timothy’s fever. it says to administer 1.4 ml until the age of 2 – the doctor said that based on Timothy weight, we should be giving him 2.5-3 ml! That’s two times more! And now it actually does help, Timothy was much more lively this afternoon.

I hope he gets well, soon. My poor baby 😦