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Timothy update: Almost 15 months

Timothy will be 15 months on the 7th. So big!

He’s getting better and better at walking. He is kind of running now, too. You can see he wants to go faster, but still frequently trips and falls, often shaking his head as if to say “man! I can’t believe how stupidly I fell!” πŸ™‚

We went to a mall today and he was getting restless in his stroller so I set him loose. He was half-running up and down the hallways – with me and the stroller in tow. It’s so funny, the way he walks – all his limbs seem to move in this uncoordinated fashion, and overall he looks like a dunk seaman on a deck of a ship πŸ™‚ Well, malls are so safe compared to sidewalks where all he seems to be interested in is walking onto the street…

Timothy’s communication skills have progressed immensely. He now understands almost everything, it seems. If I say “let’s go sleep”, he drops everything and hurries to the gate I open for him and starts climbing the stairs. He still loves sleeping (yay!). If I say “where’s your book?” he’ll go and bring me one of his books. If I ask “how Timothy hides?” – he’ll crouch behind something or at the very least close his eyes with his hands.

He also figured out that he can shake his head “yes” and “no” – and there are certain sounds that we recognize as his attempt at words. “Huttia, huttia” means “want” – from Russian “Huh-choo” – “I want”. He uses sign language for “more” and “cheerios”. He waves (if he is so inclined) and can send air kisses. He says “ba” for “ball” and “ai-duh” for “all done”.

He points at things he wants.

I spend a lot of my energy trying to civilize him. Usually, when he wants something, he starts off with screaming. Either just screaming or yelling “Huttia, huttia”. I stay cool and smile at him and ask what he wants and try to soothe him, babbling how he doesn’t need to shout, just tell me what he wants. It seems to be working. For the past few days, he starts by saying “huttia-huttia” – and only then, if I do not react immediately, increases the volume and level of frustration πŸ™‚

Yesterday was the first time he attempted feeding himself with a spoon. He wrestled the spoon out of my hand (I got another one then) and proceededΒ  stabbing the bowl with the spoon and then trying to stuff it into his mouth, often missing πŸ™‚ Often the “stabbing” would be too intense, with food flying everywhere. A few times he would insert his other hand into the bowl and squish yogurt and lick his hand. The impressive thing is that he figured out how to pass the spoon from hand to hand without ending up holding it at the wrong end. It was a very messy experience, but he looked so proud of himself πŸ™‚

He also started imitating talking on the cellphone. I don’t know where he picked it up – I rarely talk on the phone, but he knows to press it to his ear and responds when I do the same and say “hello”. He doesn’t mind pressing a computer mouse or a stick of paper glue to he ear, either – he seems to think it’s the same “phone” thingy.

He cooperates when I dress him up, stretching out his arms the moment I bring a sweater or jacket. He sometimes raises his legs in the air when I change him.

Timothy now understands that there are people in skype. He communicates with his grandparents and even plays picaboo and waves bye-bye (sometimes… he’s not into waving for some reason).

Timothy loves reading books. The other day I watched him in the tub – he picked a book floating around, and turned it around so that it’s facing the right side up and not upside down! I was so impressed.

He seems to understand books more. He points at the dog on each page of the book “snow” and he points at the rubber ducky on each page of a book about little bear taking a bath. Before I often had had a feeling that it’s all a colourful blur to him, that he cannot distinguish anything on the page.

Timothy’s voice is pretty low for a toddler, which is hilarious. Heads turn when he starts his “Huttia, huttia, huttia!!!”

He LOVES throwing stuff. Everything flies all the time. But I find it really funny how in reaction to my “come here, we’re eating” Timothy immediately sends flying – literally, not just dropping but theatrically throwing in the air! – whatever he holds in both hands and runs to the kitchen πŸ™‚

When I bring him home through the garage, he points at the entrance door and demands that we go outside. He knows that this is the way to his favourite thing: the swings! He loooooves it. And gets very upset each time we don’t go to the swing.

I was told yesterday that Timothy has got a girlfriend. She’s this cute little girl, very short and plump with a pony tail on the top of her head. Timothy makes her laugh all the time πŸ™‚

He doesn’t like veggies. Whenever he gets something he doesn’t like, he won’t rest until he throws the offending food variant onto the floor, piece after piece. Although lately, with my help, he started being more civilized and just moving those items to the table from his tray.

He dislikes brushing teeth. Sometimes singing helps (this is the way I brush my teeth, brush my teeth, brush my teeth…) – but most often it just makes him cry. Maybe his pre-molars are cutting?..

Overall, he’s lots of fun. The weird phase when I didn’t know what to do with him is over – we communicate, read books, play, I chase him around the house, we play picaboo, it’s a lot of fun! When he is not sick, anyway…



Today Timothy did something that melted me into a puddle.

As I was crouching by the dishwasher, stuffing it with all the dirty cutlery, Timothy dashed towards me and hugged me from behind. And then moved and hugged my upper arm, closing his eyes in delight.

This was the first time Timothy proactively hugged me. Oh so cool.


Ear Infection Numero Tres

And so it’s yet another ear infection.


I got really scared when Timothy woke me up at 4 am and he was scorching hot, pj’s soaking wet. He had a 39.7 (104.4) fever. I gave him advil and couldn’t go back to sleep until I made sure his fever started to fade away.

Walk-in clinic first thing in the morning – yep, another ear infection. Third one. He got one in February, one in March – now one in April. Something to do with his anatomy – the way his ear canals are built. His cousin actually had the same problem at first, then he grew out of it. Hopefully, Timothy will too – and won’t need tubes.

Timothy has spent the past 3 days pretty much plastered on to me. He even takes some of his naps on me (and he’s been taking 3 naps a day). He is quiet. He is happy to just sit in my arms. And as much as I feel sad, sorry and worried, I have to admit a part of me enjoys the closeness, especially since I lost milk and stopped nursing him 2 weeks ago. A part of me melts with tenderness and love. A part of me soaks in the cuddles.

We watch movies together – musicals, cause they’re colourful, have lots of movement and singing… Timothy enjoys it. I read to him. He drinks a LOT.

Oh, and it turns out advil’s dosage on the packaging is waaay off. That’s why it didn’t help much with Timothy’s fever. it says to administer 1.4 ml until the age of 2 – the doctor said that based on Timothy weight, we should be giving him 2.5-3 ml! That’s two times more! And now it actually does help, Timothy was much more lively this afternoon.

I hope he gets well, soon. My poor baby 😦


Wow. With all the sickness, I’ve really fallen behind with my 365! I was taking pictures, but not sharing them. And, as it turns out, there was one day when I didn’t take a picture… I was way too sick. Anyway, here it goes:

056 – Feb. 25

Timothy is not feeling well, his right eye started producing unpleasant yellow gunk, we kept him at home.


057 – Feb. 26

A quick visit to the pediatrician revealed and ear infection that spread and infected Timothy’s eyes. Timothy’s staying home for now. He upped his stacking technique: now anything can be stacked, it’s not limited to his buckets!


058 – Feb. 27

Now I got really, really sick. Spent the whole night coughing. Timothy is still unwell, so I couldn’t catch on sleep during the day. Here’s a pic of Timothy in a walk-in clinic where I went to see if perhaps I needed some antibiotics, too (nope).


059 – Feb. 28

No pic. Timothy went back to daycare, and I was completely wiped out after two consecutive nights of 3 hours of sleep and 6 hours of cough 😦

060 – Mar. 1

Daddy amuses Timothy with spinning buckets. These buckets are magic. There’s so many things to be done with them!


061 – Mar. 2

Timothy now likes to stuff his face. It’s not enough to pick one cheerio at a time – he grabs a fistful – with each fist – and then stuffs the whole content of his right fist in his mouth. And forgets that he has something in his left fist. Sometimes he would finish eating, and still hold that first fistful in his left hand πŸ™‚


062 – Mar. 3

Timothy started walking! Very short distances here and there, but so, so proud of himself!


063 – Mar. 4

The following days I didn’t take any pictures of Timothy, but I took pictures of my imaginary creatures that I drew.

064 – Mar. 5

065 – Mar. 6

066 – Mar. 7

Timothy is 13 months! His walking gets better every day! His daycare caregiver asked me to send more food for Timothy – he is hungry! Timothy is almost over his cold, but he still wakes up at night, crying. I suspect separation anxiety. He’s hard to quieten – he screams, not even cries! It takes 5-10 minutes for him to quiet down, slacken in my arms, lean on me and then cuddle and doze off.

He’s also often quite cranky at the end of the day. We figured he’s too hungry – so I now give him a snack when picking him up from daycare; and the first 30-40 minutes when we get home is quality one-on-one playtime, and only then I go make dinner. I got these advices from my mom group – and it seems to be working, Timothy stopped being cranky πŸ™‚



On Sleep

We’ve been sick for almost 2 weeks now. I am not sure who got sick first. I think I got sick and then Timothy. I don’t think he brought it from daycare.

I pretty much spent most of last week on the couch, sick, exhausted and interested in nothing. Timothy went thru ups and downs; night sleep was a consistent down. I don’t think there was a single night he slept thru over the past 2 weeks.

There was one night when he kept me up for a whole hour. This has never happened before, not ever (other then when it took him an hour to nurse). Most nights I had to suck the snot and give him advil and snuggle a bit – staying up for 30-40 minutes.

It’s not cold that bothers him so much, though – although stuffed nose is no fun. It’s teething. Timothy now has 4 lower and 1 upper teeth. And there are more upper teeth on the way.

Poor baby.

I kept him at home for the past 5 days. I spent most of the days giving him hugs and cuddles. He’d play for a while, crawl around – and then request to be held. Did I mention he hugs me back now? Tight around my neck? Melts my heart.

This morning he woke me up at 6 am. I was exhausted beyond imaginable. I nursed him and put him back to his crib, hoping he’d sleep some more. And he did! He slept until 9:30 am! And let me sleep in, too (although I got up at 8:30 am). Bliss.

No wonder we both felt much better today πŸ™‚



Poor baby.

Poop Art

I needn’t worry about Timothy not having a single poop for 36 hours. I should’ve worried about poop art.

As Timothy was sitting in his bath tub, playing and splashing, he stood on his knees, leaned forward and… pooped. While I was glad it was the rare “grown-up” poop (as opposed to the usual “paste”), I was paralyzed. What do I do now? Poop in the tub! Toys in the tub! Baby with shampoo in his hair in the tub!

I grabbed Timothy and let him stand on the bath rug next to the tub. I grabbed a plastic bag and scooped the poo and threw it in the toilet. The poo, not the bag. What do I do with the bag? Oh, there’s a cardboard box (garbage). I unplugged the tub – how great that most toys were inside a floating boat and didn’t require being washed. Turned to grab and wash Timothy’s bum.


Timothy pooped some more. Poo landed on the rug. And Timothy stomped his foot all over it, squeezing poo into the rug’s fibers.

I grabbed Timothy to wash his bum – and feet – in the sink. Of course that’s when hot water decided to quit. Freezing cold water came pouring down. I put poopy Timothy down on the poopy rug and ran around, turning bath tub tap on, off, on, off – finally hot water was back! Turned the sink tap on – the hot water, indeed, was back! Washed Timothy’s bum (and feet), grabbed the rug, folded it poop-in, threw it outside the bathroom. Put Timothy on the tile floor. Scooped the toys out of the tub. Washed the tub. Filled the tub. Put Timothy in the tub. Washed the toys in the sink.

Proceeded as normal.


Well… at least Timothy pooped πŸ™‚


Tough Days

Both Timothy and I got a cold.

On top of it, I think Timothy got separation anxiety.

Tough combination.

This night, for the first time ever in his life, Timothy kept me up for 2 hours, from 3:40 am until 5:30 am. I kept going in. Patting his back. His head. Giving him pacifier. Sucking his snot with the lovely device. Taking him in my arms and rocking. Nothing worked. And hey, it sucks that the crib rails should be no more than “a dollar bill apart” – I can’t sit next to his crib and pat his back. I have to stand next to it, bent over, my back falling apart the longer I stand like that.

Last night wasn’t out of the blue. Timothy refused his afternoon nap. We tried a few times and each time he got hysterical, so we gave in. And he was ok, he survived until his usual 7 pm bedtime with only the 30-minute 9 am nap. Which he didn’t take happily either. And he woke me up (not for 2 hours, though) the previous night.

He’s fighting his afternoon nap right now, too (I kept him at home today).

He wants to be hugged and held a lot. Not too much – but more than he used to.

Pick me uuuuuup!

Pick me uuuuuup!

Methinks it’s classic separation anxiety brought on by daycare.

Tough, tough, tough.

On him, on me, on hubster.

And me being sick, too – makes it tougher. I just don’t have the energy to be all smiling and tender and understanding when Timothy’s fighting sleep. I am not used to him fighting sleep – he loves sleep! I am waiting for him to finally fall asleep now so that I cam finally take a shower.

At least I am not as exhausted as yesterday – hubster took care of Timothy this morning and let me sleep in. Bliss. I slept until 10 am. Btw, Timothy slept in, too – until 8 am. No wonder, eh? He missed 2 hours of his nighttime sleep!

Alright, enough of this rambling. Long story short: Timothy has a cold, Timothy has separation anxiety, mommy has a cold, mommy has zero energy, but I do believe he will get used to daycare soon (and we will get over this cold soon!).

The end.