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Sick Timothy…

I know. I’ve been quiet. Everything was great – I just got immersed in painting, sketching, illustrating… The time I used to devote to blogging is increasingly being allocated to this old hobby of mine – brought back to life.

Timothy is sick, again – and this time we’re not sure what’s up. Early Monday morning he woke me up – he had a 38 C fever.

By noon it became 39.

I took him to a walk-in clinic. We waited for 2 hours and the doctors didn’t see anything. Even his ears – one was clear and another a bit red, but no infection, no puss – nothing to explain the 39C fever.

We spent the rest of the day and night on advil and tylenol. I woke up with the heaviest head, extremely tired.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Timothy was very winy and tired all morning; after his afternoon nap he woke up quite happy – he ran around, played, giggled, he temperature went down. I started hoping it was just some nasty 24-hour virus.

But no.

Towards evening his temperature started rising again and got to 39.5 degrees.

I took him to the doctor this morning (our doctor this time). She also said that one ear is clear and there’s a bit of fluid in another. She mentioned starting him on antibiotics for that, but honestly – I am not sure a fever that high could be caused by a bit of fluid.

She put some bag in his diaper to collect his urine and told us to wait until he pees. We waited. And waited. And waited. For FOUR freaking hours. Twice I asked her how could it possibly be that he didn’t pee in all this time?! Her response was he must feel the bag and hold it in. I got my response when I got home: the bag got dislodged so he simply kept peeing in his diaper all this time. I was too tired to even feel angry at that point. I sat Timothy in my lap, held a jar and patiently waited for him to pee (he watched TV) – 20-30 minutes later I got what I waited for. Hubby will bring it to the clinic tomorrow morning.

Timothy’s fever reached 40C in the meantime (that’s 104F!!!) WTF?

Tylenol helped, but Timothy is very winy, tired, has almost no appetite…

I don’t know. I googled. Maybe it’s roseola? If it is roseola. then tomorrow the fever should subside and he should break in rash. If not… well, back to see a dactor, I guess.

I don’t know – am I wrong to object to shoving more antibiotics into him while there’s no proof of infection?..


Timothy is 14.5 months now.

He just learned to nod his head “yes” and “no”. He hasn’t mastered the skill yet, but he gets ecstatic when I ask him “do you want [blank]?” and he nods his head and I give it to him! You can see it in his eyes: did I just manage to communicate what I want?? So cool!


His new favourite toys are books and gears.


He now “gets” certain games. He gets it when I run away to hide from him: he freezes in his spot, watches me go, and laughs – and once I’m out of sight, he follows me and gets extremely excited when he finds me.

He knows more and more gestures for nursery rhymes, e.g. wheel on a bus, etc. He participates more and more.

He dances when there’s music on – he does this cute bobbing up and down.


The only sad thing is that he keeps getting all the viruses in the daycare. Most of them don’t bother him much, regardless of fevers, coughs, etc. – but right now he has a pretty bad one. I wish I could be sick instead of him. At least he slept well today, my precious little boy.


On All The Sickness

I am pretty tired.

On Monday, Timothy’s right eye started to crust up so we took him to the doctor’s on Tuesday morning. Turns out he had MASSIVE ear infection – it was so bad that it spread into his eyes. In fact, the skin under his eyes got red with infection – which got the doctor concerned. Here we go – antibiotics for Timothy. Thank you daycare. Luckily, they started to work almost immediately. Timothy’s been getting better and better.

And I am amazed by how tough he is. I mean, he had a MASSIVE ear infection and still was a happy boy during the day, although waking up 1-2 times a night, crying. Stupid parents thought he was teething (he did, indeed, cut two more teeth). Nope. Ear infection!

He’s been almost non-stop sick now for 3 weeks. So am I.


The same day, Tuesday, I started feeling worse in the evening. I woke up at 3 am: my throat hurt so badly that I couldn’t sleep. I took ibuprofen, but still wasn’t able to fall back asleep due to lovely dry hacking cough.

I barely remember the day following the 3 hours worth of sleep. Timothy was at home, so I couldn’t catch up on my sleep. Hubby came home early in the hopes of letting me go to sleep immediately – no such luck. The f…ing cough didn’t let me fall asleep until 9 pm. And then it woke me up at 3 am. And that was it. Luckily, Timothy felt well enough to go to daycare, so hubby took care of changing-dressing-administering antibiotics-packing lunch-etc. and took him to daycare. I kept trying to fall asleep. I finally fell asleep around noon, for a couple of hours. I just coughed and coughed and coughed from the 3 am wake up till noon 😦

In the evening, again, the f…ing cough kept me awake for a looong time. I was beyond exhausted. I had massive headache. Ibuprofen didn’t help. I fell asleep around 11 pm and – again – woke up at 3 am. This time… wait for it! – a visit to the bathroom hinted that I got a UTI. Just kill me.

4 am, streets covered in a 2-inch layer of slush, more wet snow falling down, I am driving myself to emergency. I guess the weather was so yucky and the hour so obscene that the emergency was empty. I was in and out in an hour. They tested me, confirmed UTI and gave me a dose of antibiotic and prescription. I stopped to buy the drugs and got home shortly after 5 am. Again, tried to fall asleep. Again, managed to fall asleep long after hubby and Timothy left.

This night was marginally better. It went like this: 2 hours of sleep, 1.5 hours of coughing. 1 hour of sleep, 1 hour of coughing. 1.5 hours of sleep, 2 hours of coughing. You get the picture. But at least I slept. I opened the window right next to bed – hoping to let the humid winter air in. It seems to have worked.

I am somewhat better today, but the cough attacks me in waves. My lungs actually hurt – I guess they are getting bruised from the ribs – from all the intense coughing.

I gotta learn to keep myself healthy while Timothy picks his viruses. Wear mask. Wash hands all the time. Drink lots. I don’t know what else I can possibly do… These past 4 days were horrible. I was in a haze, I barely even remember these days – even though I had no fever…

Tough Days

Both Timothy and I got a cold.

On top of it, I think Timothy got separation anxiety.

Tough combination.

This night, for the first time ever in his life, Timothy kept me up for 2 hours, from 3:40 am until 5:30 am. I kept going in. Patting his back. His head. Giving him pacifier. Sucking his snot with the lovely device. Taking him in my arms and rocking. Nothing worked. And hey, it sucks that the crib rails should be no more than “a dollar bill apart” – I can’t sit next to his crib and pat his back. I have to stand next to it, bent over, my back falling apart the longer I stand like that.

Last night wasn’t out of the blue. Timothy refused his afternoon nap. We tried a few times and each time he got hysterical, so we gave in. And he was ok, he survived until his usual 7 pm bedtime with only the 30-minute 9 am nap. Which he didn’t take happily either. And he woke me up (not for 2 hours, though) the previous night.

He’s fighting his afternoon nap right now, too (I kept him at home today).

He wants to be hugged and held a lot. Not too much – but more than he used to.

Pick me uuuuuup!

Pick me uuuuuup!

Methinks it’s classic separation anxiety brought on by daycare.

Tough, tough, tough.

On him, on me, on hubster.

And me being sick, too – makes it tougher. I just don’t have the energy to be all smiling and tender and understanding when Timothy’s fighting sleep. I am not used to him fighting sleep – he loves sleep! I am waiting for him to finally fall asleep now so that I cam finally take a shower.

At least I am not as exhausted as yesterday – hubster took care of Timothy this morning and let me sleep in. Bliss. I slept until 10 am. Btw, Timothy slept in, too – until 8 am. No wonder, eh? He missed 2 hours of his nighttime sleep!

Alright, enough of this rambling. Long story short: Timothy has a cold, Timothy has separation anxiety, mommy has a cold, mommy has zero energy, but I do believe he will get used to daycare soon (and we will get over this cold soon!).

The end.

Timothy in Daycare, Day 2

Today was Timothy’s second full day in daycare (or fifth day – if you count the three transition days when he stayed there for 1-1.5 hours).

Timothy woke up at 7:30 am…

…Let me just mention here, that although the first few nights after I stopped the 5 am nursing sessions a few weeks ago Timothy used to wake up a few times and cry, and then would wake up super early – like 6:15 am – now we’re all good. In fact, on both Satirday and Sunday he slep until 8 am. Heaven!

…Anyway, Timothy woke up at 7:30 am, nursed, I gave him his morning cereal with some apples that I cooked with cinnamon yesterday, and hubby took him to daycare. Again, hubby reported Timothy being happy and anxious to go play with others.

When I picked Timothy at 3 pm, he smiled very wide at me, then it went down to something in-between laughter, nervous giggling and crying. Poor guy. I guess he didn’t realize until that moment that I was missing.

The daycare staff reported that Timothy was happy all day, fell asleep on hid own again, ate well, played well… they say he’s an awesome child, very easy.

He is. He’s he bestest. Yes, that’s a word – when it comes to Timothy 🙂

What was funny is that on our way back (me pushing him in the stroller), we went into a grocery store – and I left Timothy on the side while choosing onions and potatoes and such. That’s when he saw me and -again – got uber-happy. I guess all the way there, while I was pushing the stroller, he had no idea that I was right behind him.

He’s doing really well, although he’s a bit more clingy – he needs to hug a lot and distribute lots of saliva-rich kisses (I guess another tooth is on its way). I am loving it. Until now he used to pretty much ignore me when in the stroller unless I was really in his face. And only used to see his happiness when daddy gets home. Well, now I can see how happy he’s to see me. Is it cruel? Probably not. It’s not like I put him in daycare so that I can experience this love. But as a side product of this rather sad circumstance? I’ll take it!

And so as not to leave this post without a pic, this is how they go for walks: mega-stroller! According to the caretakers, most babies fall asleep 🙂


Timothy’s First Full Day in Daycare – Report

This will be boring to most readers, I am posting more for my own memory 🙂

Timothy’s first (almost) full day in daycare went really well. “Almost” because I picked him up early – at 2:30.

He was happy when hubby dropped him off in the morning, screeching with excitement at seeing his fiends.

I called during nap time (around 1 pm) to ask after Timothy – they said he was doing really well. Are well, napped twice – both times falling asleep with no help from the caregivers (just playing quietly before falling asleep), all was well.

I came to pick him up – it was a bit of a learning curve for me. First things first: pick and pack all of his stuff, get the snowsuit and hat and boots ready – and then get the baby (caregivers told me to do this before Timothy saw me, which was good). I read the day’s report with interest (more on that below).

Then I went to get Timothy – and boy was that the widest smile ever! He was soooo happy to see me, screeching with delight, laughing, and being very excited.

And now the boring to all part – Timothy’s first ever report (my transcript of it… I’llspare you the dirty diaper report):



9:20-10:00 am

12:00-1:40 pm


He ate none of the morning snack. For some reason they only offer milk – and Timothy doesn’t drink milk. At all.

He ate all of his dinner – which was quite a lot. He ate the meat and veggie mix, and half of the cinamon apples I made for him.

And then for his pm snack he finished the apples and ate a whole banana.

Atta boy 🙂


Creative. Timothy participated ripping tissue and sticking it on Mac Tac paper (whatever mactac paper is, I am not sure). He seemed to enjoy it.


As Timothy’s first day he did a wonderful job. He seems very cooperative in circle time (they actually told me that as they were all singing and doing some hand gestures, Timothy observed and copied!). He was quite observing all the time.

Daycare Transition – Day 3

Today was the third day of Timothy’s daycare transition. Agenda: bring Timothy, a diaper, and a milk bottle at 9:30 am, leave immediately like it will be on a usual morning, come back 90 minutes later.

Timothy woke up very early today: at 6:10 am and refused to go back to sleep. Kept whining and whining and whining. He even whined while he nursed. And then when he ate breakfast. And then… well, you get the picture. He kept being whiney, although would stop when distracted. I have to confess, I sort of liked the idea of not being the one to deal with whining. It’s okay when he cries, when he’s upset – it’s very hard on my when he whines all day long for no apparent reason.

Yesterday’s rain stopped and turned into tremendous windchill. Hubby drove us to daycare. I took the snowsuit off of him in the corridor (there’s a convenient changing table there for these purposes) and went into the room. As of tomorrow, we will not be allowed inside the room – we will be passing Timothy over the low door partition.

I took a few pictures of the room while I am still allowed and left quickly. This is the area where they drink milk at 10 am (sans the pillows)



As I stepped outside, I realized that I forgot to give them the milk bottle. Timothy was crying when I opened the door. I gave the bottle to the educator and left before Timothy could spot me.

Even though Timothy was crying, it was much easier today on me. Probably because I left right away – having not sat there, watching him play and laugh and crawl.

I went into a nearby cafe and sat there, doodling and writing down some list, for the 90 minutes.


When I came back, Timothy was happy to see me. Again, not in a “where the hell have you been for so long” way – the same happy smile that he gives me whenever I come from upstairs at home 🙂

They said he whined and was tired and they tried to put him for a nap, but he couldn’t fall asleep. Unfamiliar place, no soother (my mistake), unfamiliar sounds…

But all in all he did well. He participated in some crafts activity, spreading glue with a gluestick. He ate some cheerios. He looked good.


He promptly fell asleep in the stroller on our way home and woke up happy and content, no more whining.

Since I am not going back to work yet, they suggested I continue transitioning him – instead of leaving him for the whole day, I should pick him up right after nap tomorrow. And then go from there – gradually picking him up later and later.

So this is it. Tomorrow Timothy is starting daycare. I labeled all his clothes and bottles and shoes. I packed a crib sheet and sleep sack. I prepared lunch and snacks (the daycare starts providing lunches for kids older than 18 months).

I feel better about it. Calmer. And actually quite excited for him – oh, the new activities he’s gonna learn, the crafts he’ll partake in, the games, the interactions… I bet it will all be interesting and fun. And mom will always have the cuddles ready in the evening 🙂