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Today Timothy did something that melted me into a puddle.

As I was crouching by the dishwasher, stuffing it with all the dirty cutlery, Timothy dashed towards me and hugged me from behind. And then moved and hugged my upper arm, closing his eyes in delight.

This was the first time Timothy proactively hugged me. Oh so cool.



On the Other Hand…

As Timothy is getting older, less reliant on me, I am more and more inclined to uncover my true self from under piles of spitup, breastfeeding sessions, diaper changes, nap schedules, and such.

One of the things that I sort of lost is my creativity. I used to draw and paint a lot. Over the years, there was less and less of that, and that made me sad. So my 2013 resolution is to recapture, rediscover my creativity.

To document this self-rediscovery journey, I started a separate blog – follow me if you wanna… well, follow 🙂

Happy to Be Me. Again, That Is.

When I was almost 9 months preggo, my friend told me that I shouldn’t expect to lose weight immediately: it took me 9 months to gain it, so why should I expect to lose it faster? (In my defense, I didn’t expect it to disappear immediately, of course – but she felt she needed to prep me, regardless :))

Timothy is 9 months now. I knew that I lost pretty much all of the weight when a couple of weeks ago I decided to put away all summer clothes and get out the winter ones. I tried all of those jeans that have been stashed away on the top shelf since spring 2011, when I got preggo. And all but one fit! All the skinnies, everything!


Today I was surprised, though, when I stepped on the scale: I actually weigh less than I did before I got preggo. About 3 pounds less. I am not sure how this happened. Perhaps the getting violently sick in the Caribbean played a role? I don’t know. That was three weeks ago. I am eating well – and, as always, indulging myself in desserts. And sugared coffees.

Anyway. I am one happy momma! Cause when I look at these pics of my pregnancy – especially the lost two – I shudder. And I don’t have the 40 weeks shot, it stops at 38! Just how big was I???

(For those of you not in the know, Timothy was almost 10 pounds at birth: 4.5 kilo or 9 pounds 15 ounces!!! My total weight gain was only 14 kilo, though – ummm… about 30 pounds? Timothy was a third of all of the weight I gained! hence the HUGE bump)

Hmm. Now I am thinking I need a shot of myself as of today. You can trust me, though, that it’s pretty identical to the one at 6 weeks 🙂