Potty training in Three Days – Day 6

This morning his diaper was wet. Not too wet, but wet.

He didn’t pee after getting up (so I assume he peed in the diaper when he woke up, not during the night) but as he was running around naked, he stopped and, sounding distressed, announced that he peed. But no, he didn’t pee. He pooped on the floor. The good thing is we have hardwood floor, and – even better – the turd fell in such a way that it was on one board, so there was no risk of poop getting stuck in between the floor boards (yuck).

Mess cleaned up, he peed in the potty and on he went.

They didn’t put diaper on him at all at daycare today. Even for naptime.

He had another poop accident before nap – he pooped in his underwear. But he didn’t pee, the underwear was dry. He didn’t pee while he napped. Then he peed a lot in the potty – at 1:30 PM. He didn’t pee for like 5 hours! Crazy, for his age.

Then a few minutes later he had an accident (I already noticed at home that he often is too quick to jump up in triumph that he peed, not emptying the bladder properly and needs to pee soon, again).

And then he didn’t pee for the rest of the day at daycare.

Then he peed in his pants at home as he was watching cartoons (that’s IT, from now on we insist he always goes bare-bum at home, as the methodology suggests.

And then as he was running around naked, he stopped in his tracks with his legs together: uh-oh! I grabbed him and put him on the potty and in went another turd. I am not sure if he pooped on the potty, or if he pooped earlier and the turd simply didn’t fall down on the floor, but we praised and praised and praised. First poop in the toilet!

So… we’ll see. I am not sure if he regressed because they confused him in daycare with all the diapers, or if this is just normal (accident are bound to happen anyway… many kids have an occasional accident even when they’re 5-6 years old), so we’ll see.

But there’s no going back. Now diapers are only for night time sleep. And even then I plan to ditch soon.



Potty Training in Three Days – Day 5

Today Timothy woke up with almost dry diaper. He peed in it just a tiny little bit, I’d say right before we came to get him based on how wet it felt on the outside, but light as a feather.

But then while he was proudly running around naked, he started peeing on the floor (although I kept trying to make him go on the toilet after a full night’s sleep). He was a bit upset, but he didn’t pee too much on the floor and the rest went into the toilet.

And then he peed some more into the potty in the living room.

I can’t tell how exactly things were at daycare today – when I picked him up there was only the caregiver with a very heavy accent, I have problems understanding her. From what I gathered, he was in diapers for both outings, and for the nap – and they put a diaper on him after nap so that he would poop.

I was very upset. Why did they keep diapering him?! She asked (surprised) if I want to keep him out of diapers. Well, doh! That’s why we did this 3-day thing! By putting him in diapers they’re sending confusing messages and are slowly undoing what we did 😦 When we got home, his diaper was wet 😦 And once I removed it, the very first time he started peeing into his underwear. So  I took the underwear off, just like the methodology suggests doing for 3 months, and then he was peeing into the potty.

Hubby and I are considering putting him diaperless for the nights and naps, too – since his diaper was almost dry this morning. Leap of faith here. We didn’t do it today, though, for now hubby is sick with a very high fever, so he really is not fit to deal with night time wakings should Timothy wet the bed and wake him up.

I also made a mistake today (I think it was a mistake): I bought a toy firetruck for Timothy and showed it to him and told him he’ll get it once he poops on the potty. Rest of the evening was spent listening to his whining for firetruck and demanding it each time he peed. He was upset 😦 I don’t think I should have showed it to him.

Anyway… we`ll how it goes. I hope too much diapering today didn`t  harm too much…

Potty Training in Three Days: Day 4, Back to Daycare

So Timothy went back to daycare today (his fever disappeared and he was back to being his sunny self).

He was soooo proud telling everyone in the morning that he now pees in the potty!

And although the staff seemed a bit sceptical about his abilities, they went along with it for it is time for him to learn anyway. And they were blown away!

I won’t say he didn’t have accidents. He had – two, one of which was pooping in his underwear and the other one – peeing. But the rest was all great!

They put underwear on him both times when they went to the playground. The diaper remained dry both times!

He peed a drop in his underwear when we got home, but he got on a potty just in time. So little pee escaped, the shorts remained dry.

I am so proud of my boy! And oh how proud he is of himself! ❤

Potty Training in Three Days – Day 3, Afternoon

Okay, so we did! Not a single accident today! Yaaay!

As Timothy lay in bed before bedtime, he said something about “potty training”. Whaaaa?.. I wasn’t aware he even knows what potty training is! Anyway, we discussed how tomorrow he’s gonna tell everyone at daycare that he now pees in the potty. And he went over all the names of people he’s gonna tell. So cute 🙂

So day three was great. Each time he needed to pee – he just ran, sat on the potty, and peed. Just like that. We went for a 40-minute walk – he didn’t pee (he peed right before we left – for I told him we can’t go until he pees).

But he hasn’t pooped in 2 days. He passed some extremely awful gas today a few times. Each time I asked whether he needed to poop – he said yes, sat on a potty, peed and promptly jumped off with a triumphant YAAAAY. He doesn’t understand (doesn’t know) that poop takes a bit longer.

Unless he poops tomorrow morning in his diaper, I expect a very smelly “package” from daycare by the end of day tomorrow.

I am curious to know how it’ll go in daycare tomorrow. He can’t take his pants off on his own yet – and he will be wearing underwear for the first time in his life. We’ll see…

Potty Training in Three Days – Day 3, Morning

Timothy woke up with a fever today 😦 He’s not too-too miserable, but he definitely has a cold. He points at his neck when I ask where it hurts, so he must have a sore throat. His appetite is very low – which could be due to the fever, but also due to the fact he hasn’t pooped in 2 days ( last time he pooped was after the afternoon nap on Day 1 of the potty training thing, in his diaper).

I hope he is just holding it, and isn’t constipated. He usually poops twice a day (sometimes – three times), so this is unusual. Only once in all of his life was he really constipated – on vacation. It was really hot and I guess he got dehydrated. He was miserable – he was trying to poop, but couldn’t. He cried – cause it hurt.

He seems to be ok in that respect, for now.

Anyway – potty training is going well! I upped the temperature in the house so he can continue roaming with a bare bum.

He has peed 4 times in the course of the morning – not a single accident! He would be playing or reading or eating or whatever – in then he would just run and sit on the potty, pee loudly 🙂 and then jump up in triumph: yaaaay!

I need to get new stickers. The ones I have do not excite him any longer. He even refused getting a sticker once :/

He’s napping now (I gave him some advil). I hope he poops soon. If not – I’ll give him prunes after the nap… and hope he doesn’t poop all over the floor (or – even worse! – couch!)

Potty Training in Three Days – Day 2, afternoon

Timothy woke up, ate, peed in the potty (no pre-peeing on the floor) and we went outside to the playground. We put loose shorts on him with no diaper or underwear. Everything was great until he walked into the splash pad puddle. It was rather cold so a couple of minutes he peed in his pants. Not even sure if I can count this as an accident. Cold water is hard to resist and this is only day 2!

Anyway, there were no accidents for the rest of the day. Each time he needed to pee, he just ran for the potty.

In total, he earned about 8 stickers today. One total miss (in the splash pad), one time he sprayed a bit before he remembered to go on a potty – but he woke up from his nap to pee!

So all in all it’s going well.

What worries me is that by 6 pm he all of a sudden got all tired and cranky and complaining he’s cold. We thought he was just tired from all the potty-training excitement, but when he woke up an hour after his bedtime, he had a fever 😦

We’ll see how the night goes and how he feels tomorrow morning. I am pretty determined to keep on going with the potty training tomorrow (I am keeping him home anyway as it needs to be a THREE-day potty training), but we’ll see… I hope it’s a teething fever spike (he did mention his tooth hurts).

That’s it for now…

Potty Training in 3 Days: Day 2, First Half

Timothy woke up today with a very wet and heavy diaper (as is usual for him). He obviously peed in the diaper when he woke up for didn’t pee when he sat on the toilet.

But then after breakfast he sat on the potty and peed. No accident, and proper amount of pee.

And then again.

Then he started peeing (just a few drops) and again – stopped and ran and finished on the potty.

He didn’t want the watermelon today, so we had fewer pees.

But then – BONUS! – he woke up in the middle of his nap and said his tummy hurts. And then he sat on the toilet, peed, and went back to sleep!!!!

I think this is going really well.

A short playground outing is scheduled in the afternoon, as the method suggests. We’ll see how it goes.