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Wow, I’ve been quiet for 2 Months!

Hello all,

We’re well and thriving. I didn’t realize I haven’t posted updates for 2 months!I’m making up for it – with lots of pics! Cause who doesn’t like lots of toddler pics, right? 🙂

One reason is the regular email updates with pictures that I send to all the relatives. Writing those makes me feel like I’ve updated. And no, I can’t copy-paste those emails as they’re in Russian…

Another reason is we were on vacation in Newfoundland – which was GOR-GE-OUS!!! One of the most beautiful places, ever. Out there with Iceland and Hawaii.






And then we had relatives staying over for a few weeks, being busy with sightseeing and family chit-chats.








So next thing you know – I have been away from this blog for too long!

Timothy is now 18 months. A year and a half! He’s starting Jr. Toddler room at daycare next month – where he’ll be starting potty-training. Which means we’ll be starting potty training. I dug the potty out of the closet today and placed it, as suggested, in the living room. So that Timothy is starting to get used to it.

Timothy has about 30 words in his vocabulary, almost all in English. Not surprising – English words are short and simple to pronounce, unlike Russian once. He understand all I say, but repeats in English: bus, plain, car, go, close – those are some of the common words. He also says my name PERFECTLY – although he has no idea what the word means. He just repeats it after his daddy 🙂 Mars – the planet – also made its way into his vocabulary. Unlike my name, Timothy knows exactly what Mars is: he brought me a picture of it, pointed, and announced; Muhsssssss! I guess Baby Einstein videos taught him that.

He’s trying to put shoes on. He’s climbing furniture. He’s still throwing this all the time, although is getting a bit more civilized and there are certain things he now knows not to throw (but he can still drop them accidentally).

He loves book more than anything. He also likes puzzles – the kind where you need to insert a shape into a whole/slot. And he’s quite good at that, managing even the complex shapes like cars and firemen.

He’s very sweet, gives hugs and says “ahhhhhh” while at it.

He’s the best 🙂